Best vendors wholesale raw hair in bulk for your hair business

The hair industry is a potential business in the future and in which, the raw hair business is prominent. Raw hair with excellent properties and reasonable prices is loved by many customers and traders. In the following article, we will learn more about the raw hair in bulk business and the best vendors wholesale raw hair for your hair business.

Best vendors wholesale raw hair in bulk
Best vendors wholesale raw hair in bulk

1. Overview of raw hair in bulk

Raw hair is considered one of the best hair types on the market today. Here are a few concepts so you can better understand raw hair. Then, it will be the background for you to know how to start hair business successfully or continue your business effectively!

  • Definite raw hair in bulk: This hair is entirely made of human hair. The hair is cut directly from a person and immediately bundled into bundles in order to keep all cuticles intact and pointing in the same direction. Straight, wavy, and curly are the three main textures of raw hair. This is the highest premium hair in the world because it is 100 percent natural and each bundle is unique.
  • Raw hair in bulk vendors: Wholesale raw hair manufacturers are vendors of large amounts of raw hair. The bulk suppliers of raw hair are typically hair manufacturers or importers of hair from other factories that distribute or market it. There are 3 most famous raw hair in bulk suppliers in the world, which are Vietnam, China, and India suppliers. In which, Raw Vietnamese hair vendors are the most reliable suppliers. They will provide you with hair with high-quality hair sources and affordable prices.


2. Distinguish the three most giant vendors of raw hair in bulk in the world

As mentioned above, in the world today there are 3 main suppliers of raw hair in bulk: Vietnam, China, and India. How do these three providers have their own distinct characteristics, let’s find out below.

2.1 Vietnamese vendors of raw hair in bulk 

Wholesale raw hair supplier in Vietnam providing cheap, high quality and diverse items for Vietnam raw hair.

  • Origin of hair: Vietnamese raw hair in bulk is purchased directly from women who are mainly in the high mountains, and ethnic minorities, soft, smooth, very supple, and easy to style. However, the supply is gradually becoming scarce due to the improvement of people’s living standards, so fewer and fewer women sell their hair
  • Hair quality: High quality, natural soft hair, can be used for a long time, easy to style
  • Price of raw hair in bulk: prices of Vietnamese raw hair are usually a bit higher than Chinese hair and Indian hair but average when compared to prices on the world market

2.2 Chinese vendors of raw hair in bulk

  • Origin of hair: Chinese raw hair is collected from India, mainly buy Non-Remy Hair made from Hair Ball at a very cheap price
  • Hair quality: The hair quality is low but due to modern technology, the hair looks very nice at first. However, after a period of use, the quality of the hair declines very quickly
  • Price of raw hair in bulk: Cheap price compared to the common ground

2.3 Indian vendors of raw hair in bulk 

  • Origin of hair: Indian raw hair in bulk is collected in two main forms: hair collected from temples and hairballs. The source of the hair is not clear and is often poor quality hair
  • Hair quality: low quality due to poor quality raw hair and manual, small production process
  • Price of raw hair in bulk: affordable price comes with not-so-good hair quality. Indian vendors will provide you with many types of hair such as raw hair in bulk, wholesale weft hair extensions, wigs, and tip-in hair at the lowest price.
Distinguish the three most giant vendors of raw hair in bulk
Distinguish the three most giant vendors of raw hair in bulk

3. Top best vendors wholesale raw hair in bulk for you

  • Chennai hair factory – biggest Indian vendor for raw hair in bulk 

Chennai Hair Factory was established in 2012 with the mission to bring customers the best wigs and raw hair extensions in bulk. The company is a manufacturer of synthetic wigs, hair extensions, human hair, painted hair, best tape in hair extensions and more. They are processed in our facility using quality hair procured from well-known merchants in the market. Chennai Hair Factory focuses on the unprecedented processing of wigs and extensions to perfectly meet the needs of customers.

The vendor are offering raw hair at affordable prices. Their business activities are carried out easily, conveniently and safely thanks to advanced technology, modern infrastructure spread over a large area. This is definitely one of the reputable companies for you to choose as your partner

  • K-hair factory – the biggest Vietnamese wholesale vendor for raw hair in bulk 

K-Hair is the top 1 biggest hair factory in Vietnam – the best reliable hair distributor at high quality and cheapest price with best customer service in the hair market.

K-Hair factory ensures 100% raw hair sold are of the most reasonable prices. K-hair factory has raw material sources of Vietnamese women and applies modern machines and techniques in hair production, so they can offer the lowest cost and cheaper hair prices. Besides, once you buy raw hair, you will be given wholesale prices with amazing discounts. Last but not least, buying from a big wholesale hair factory like K-hair means that you are buying hair from a reputable hair supplier at an extremely competitive price

To know more details about K-Hair as well as other hair vendors in the world, please visit our website Hair vendors review. This is a website that updates the latest and most accurate news about hair and hair suppliers in the world.

K-hair factory Vietnamese vendor for raw hair in bulk
K-hair factory Vietnamese vendor for raw hair in bulk
  • Leis Hair – top best Chinese hair factory for raw hair in bulk 

Leis Hair, a reputable hair manufacturer in China, has more than 20 years of experience in exporting hair weave, human lace wigs, synthetic wigs, human hair extensions,  and accessories. A dedication to offering goods and services for hair products has helped Guangzhou Leis Hair establish a solid reputation. The business has studied market demands globally over the years to develop the newest hairstyle trends.

If you are looking for a large supplier of raw hair in bulk extensions, Leis hair Factory is an option worth considering. This company can provide you with raw hair with good quality at a reasonable price. However, you’d better know that Vietnamese hair will always be the top one priority when it comes to hair of best qualtity and reasonable prices: