Everything about unprocessed and processed Remy hair in bulk

Everything about unprocessed and processed Remy hair in bulk

When come to the world of hair extensions, many people will feel overwhelmed by the many terms and names of different types of hair extensions. Therefore, the article will help you familiarize yourself and distinguish between 2 concepts: unprocessed and processed Remy hair in bulk. From learning about them, we will help you make the best choice on your journey to find the right hair extensions for you!

Everything about unprocessed and processed Remy hair in bulk
Everything about unprocessed and processed Remy hair in bulk

1. Things you need to know about unprocessed Remy hair in bulk

The word “ Unprocessed ” in unprocessed remy hair in bulk means this remy hair has not undergone chemical treatment and retains its original characteristics with the strong cuticle of human hair. Below are some pros and cons of remy hair.

1.1 Advantages of unprocessed Remy hair in bulk

  • Make hairstyle easily

As described above, with this hair extension, you can completely dye it just like your natural hair. In general, you can color, bleach, or wave with a hair dryer, blow-dry, or even use hair care products.

  • Longer time using

Another advantage is that unprocessed remy hair lasts longer than processed ones; so you will get a greater value, as it’s not hair processed by chemicals. This type of hair can last up to several years if they are properly cared for. In particular, the hair will become softer and easier to use after being washed because they are usually silicone-free. 

  • Resistant heat better: 

Besides, unprocessed remy hair in bulk is also more resistant to heat than processed hair. So you can use it even in hot weather, high wind, or high humidity without fear of damaging the original hairstyle. 

1.2 Disadvantages of unprocessed Remy hair in bulk

Besides the above advantages, unprocessed remy hair in bulk also has some following disadvantages

  • More expensive: Unprocessed remy hair in bulk can be more expensive than treated hair, not to mention they have fewer hairstyles to choose from. Because unprocessed remy hair has not been processed without chemical treatment, it will remain in its original state when removed from the hair. This means that if your extensions are naturally straight and you want to curl them, then you will have to style them to get the curls. As a result, product prices also increase.
  • Limited hair source: Nowadays most women go to the salon to style their hair regularly so the supply of unprocessed remy hair in bulk is very rare. If you want to buy them, you usually have to pre-order with the manufacturer and wait a certain time to get them
Unprocessed and processed Remy hair in bulk
Unprocessed and processed Remy hair in bulk

2. Overview of processed Remy hair in bulk

Remy-treated real hair is hair that has been chemically treated during the manufacturing process. Before being styled, they have been treated and soaked in acid to remove the cuticle along with all the natural properties of the hair.  

Advantages of processed Remy hair in bulk

Although processed remy hair has been approached with chemicals but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. They have several good features including

  • Good quality: The main benefit of purchasing processed remy hair in bulk is also that since all of the cuticles have been removed, the manufacturer can completely color and style the extension however they choose. Moreover, the silicone used to treat the hair extensions also will make the hair appear shinier.
  • Cheaper price: In the market, the price of processed remy hair in bulk is often lower than that processed once. Besides, you can easily find them in the market.


2.2 Disadvantages of processed Remy hair in bulk

On the other hand, processed remy hair in bulk also shows many disadvantages when we are used

  • Lifespan: Due to being heavily processed, the lifespan of processed remy hair is not as long as the one of an unprocessed wig or set of hair extensions. The hair may start to tangle around the end of the first or second wash. On a few remy hairs in bulk, we have observed knotting of the hair at the hairline and in the hair’s back. Furthermore, the silicone begins to wear off after washing, and the silky hair that you felt in the shop now feels rather like a brillo pad.
  • Customer satisfaction: Due to the characteristic of processed remy hair that quickly degraded in quality after a few uses, many customers often express dissatisfaction when using them. Therefore, if you want that your hair extensions have a long lifespan you can choose raw hair in bulk as a substitute. This type of hair often can use for a long time and have lower prices.

3. Things you need to consider before buying remy hair in bulk online

If you are a businessman in the hair industry and are intending to buy remy hair in bulk online, here are some tips for you

tips to buy remy hair in bulk online
  • Be careful fake website

When buying remy hair over the Internet there are many fake websites to cheat your money. Please double-check the company information on various websites to avoid this. You can refer to our website Hair vendors review – a website that shares knowledge and experiences in the hair industry. We hope that you can give some helpful information in the Hair vendors review to buy hair online in an easier way.

  • Check the quality

Many manufacturers will do anything to make high profits including mixing synthetic fibers into human hair. They will then call the hair virgin hair or remy hair. At all times, be observant. When you have just received your package, observe it critically. When buying online Remy hair in bulk, ask the seller to send you samples or you can video call directly to check the quality of the goods.

  • Be careful with too good to be true price

If something is too good to be true, think again. While we love being super bargains and buying quality products at minimal prices, you shouldn’t be tempted to buy quality hair at half the price, it could be a trap. Just remember to invest wisely.

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