Vietnamese hair factories supply wholesale hair extensions near me

In recent years, when the demand for beauty services is increasing, the hair extension business has also grown strongly. The hair extension industry becomes a potential field and promises to grow more and more in the future. If you are already doing business in this field and are looking for hair vendors to supply wholesale hair extensions near me, Vietnamese hair suppliers will be a great choice.

Wholesale hair extensions near me

1. Why I should choose Vietnamese hair factories among many companies that supply wholesale hair extensions near me

If you are wondering “ Why I should choose Vietnamese hair factory near me among plenty of other companies to supply wholesale hair extensions near me”, we will show you some main features of Vietnamese hair vendors to persuade you to choose them. Vietnam hair companies have the following preeminent features:

  • Provide high-quality hair extensions:

Vietnamese hair vendors just have to take hair from Vietnamese women who live in small villages or in mountainous areas. Moreover, Vietnamese hair extensions from Vietnamese hair factories are 100% human hair, collected from healthy donors, and unprocessed before. Besides, Vietnamese hair factories have many hair experts with many years of experience in the hair industry. They will help choose the best source of hair, and control the input and output quality of the hair extensions so that the wholesale hair extensions near me of the Vietnamese factory meet the standard quality when supplied to customers.

  • Reasonable price

Due to the high quality of hair, the price of Vietnamese hair extensions is often higher than the average price of India or China. However, with equivalent hair quality, compared to European or American suppliers, the price of Vietnamese hair is considered more affordable.

  • Warranty Policy

Vietnamese hair supply companies often have good warranty policies, ready to return goods when required. Besides, they will also provide hair extensions according to your specific requirements

2. Compare Vietnamese vendors and other companies that supply wholesale hair extensions near me

There are three big wholesale hair extensions near me vendors in the world Vietnam, China, and India. In which, raw Vietnamese hair vendors are the best choice for wholesale hair extensions near me because of the advantages of their hair quality, cost, and hair production facilities.

Companies that supply wholesale hair extensions near me
  • About the origin of hair:

Vietnamese raw hair is bought directly from women, mainly in the high mountains, and ethnic minorities, the material is soft, silky, very supple and easy to style. However, the price is high due to low supply and high demand. While in China hair extensions are usually collected from India, mainly buy Non-Remy Hair made from Hair Ball at extremely cheap prices. Indian hair extensions are collected in 2 main forms: hair collected at temples (remy hair) and hairball – hair loss is rolled up. Hair from hairball turns into Non-Remy Hair very cheaply due to cheap labor costs and cheap input prices. You must notice that there are huge differences between remy hair and non-remy hair in terms of quality and price. It can be said that Vietnam is a great suggestion for you to find your wholesale hair extensions near me.

  • About the size of the factory

The scale of Vietnamese hair companies is usually small, concentrated mainly in the North, so it saves the cost of transporting materials. So even though the product price is higher than in China and India, it is still at a reasonable level. Whereas In China, hair companies often have large-scale, modern machinery and equipment, and synchronous production processes, so production costs are optimized. On the other hand, the Indian companies are mainly handicraft factories.

  • About the quality of products and services:

As the information presented above, Vietnamese hair extensions have high quality, natural smooth hair, easy to style. The hair of Chinese companies is of poor quality, but due to modern technology, the hair looks good at first, but it is not durable. While the Indian hair extensions are of low quality but with the lowest prices.

When comparing the quality of Vietnamese hair with hair extensions from Europe or America, they do not have too much difference. If you put Vietnamese hair next to hair from wholesale hair extensions Los Angeles, it is obvious that Vietnamese hair is cheaper while having the same quality.

3. How I can find a reliable vendor to supply wholesale hair extensions near me

There is the following method by which you can find the best Vietnamese hair factory and manufacturer in Vietnam before considering buying hair from this factory. Including:

5 steps to find a vendor supplied wholesale hair extensions near me
  • Step 1: Search on platforms like Google, Yahoo, and Amazone where most of Vietnam’s hair factories are located
  • Step 2: Take the time to check their website, Instagram, Facebook, videos, and testimonials from their customers to make sure this Vietnamese hair company is reputable and trustworthy.
  • Step 3: Contact the Vietnam hair factory via Whatsapp hotline and ask to make a video call to see their factory (this way to confirm they are not scammers). You should contact multiple suppliers near you to be able to compare hair suppliers with each other
  • Step 4: After you have initial confidence that the supplier of this Vietnamese hair salon is genuine, ask them for samples, price list, shipping method, insurance policy, and return policy for you to compare with other hair suppliers.
  • Step 5: Finally, place an order and wait for the day it is delivered to you. Please keep an eye on your order until it arrives to make sure you receive the correct item.

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